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25 - Dalkiri in Uruguay

Untitled Document Dalkiri has left Brasil. About a year later than planned, but who´s counting (we are). We left 28 Jan and after 8 days at sea dropped anchor off the island at Punte del Este, in Uruguay (1st bump on the north shore of the Rio de la Plata). This mammoth voyage of about 640 miles, means we did the mighty milage of about 80 miles a day! Thats an average of 3 knots. Our excuse is light winds. Actually  we were lucky that they were light as it enabled us to continue sailing. We had thought we might have to stop at Rio Grande Sul but as the weather stayed fair we continued on. 12 hours after we anchored a terrific south westerly buster (called pampero here) came thrashing through and we were very grateful to be sheltering behind the small island of Gorritti. So now have to look hopefully stupid in Spanish, which means getting hopelessly mixed up with Portuguese. Will write with more details later. Jess & Heather PS: Sorry we missed your birthday Davina, we were so happy about talking to SA on the radio and getting our position through, we forgot to wish u.

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25 - Dalkiri in Uruguay

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