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27 - Dalkiri - Goya still Rio Parana

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Hello All (or Olla), This quick little update started 2 town/ports ago but bad weather and bad email connections prevented it from being typed (never mind sent). Still on Rio Parana, Argentina (then at 770km from Buenos Aires), at the town of La Paz. The last river port in the province of Entre Rios. There are many more kms of river ahead. How much further we will go, depends on how much stronger the current becomes. The level of the river is very low, so we could not tie up to the wharves here, We have anchored off the municipal Balneario (beach) close to the town centre. This is a citrus fruit area so we are enjoying the change. We have have been entertained by the local music (not tango). Internets are harder to find in country towns, and connections so slow (which is why this was not sent in La Paz). We are both well and appreciating Spring (primavera). Esquina -(one town further north, up the river) KM 853 from Buenos Aires. We have been hiding out to avoid 2 weather alerts which have crossed Argentina recently. We went up a side river and found our own private little haven, protected from all directions, only neighbours being cows, birds, frogs and mosquitoes. Now we need more diesel and fresh fruit and vegetables which we can now do, after making entry through a very shallow channel. Goya Km 970 (where this is being typed) province of Corrientes. We rushed across from one great river to the other ie. Rio Uruguay, by bus, so that we could cross the border into Brasil to extend our Argentina visas. So now we are legal again and have filled up diesel, water, gas and food (mate ie local tea and wine) and hope to continue soon. Its very hot and humid here. But the bees seem to like it as there is lots of cheap honey available. We have been sitting in this cybercafe for over 4 hours so to those of you, whose letters we have not yet replied to, forgive us "your call will be answered". And we did not forget all those who celebrated birthdays during August, September and October - they appeared in the diary - just the means to wish you was missing. Best wishes - Heather & Jess. PS This is the web-page of our cruising friends who gave us loads of information about the Rio Parana. Mostly in German but some English, lots of pics.

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